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Polish craft beer at ITB Berlin



Date of event: 03.9.2018

At the beginning of March, we had the pleasure to support the

4 medals for our beers at the IBEERian Awards in Portugal



Date of event: 05.14.2018

Good news from Portugal, and more precisely from Aveiro! Our beers have

won 4 medals and the main prize in the Stout category at the IBEERian Awards.

In a brief summary, these are:
– bronze for Pan IPAni in Specialty IPA,
– silver for Misty in Specialty IPA (yes, second place on the box in the same category!),
– silver for Pils in International Lager / Pilsener,
– gold for the Idiot in Imperial Stout and at the same time top of the class in the Stout category.
We’re happy!

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