How did it startHow did it start

The story is fairly simple. I started brewing at home and soon, I was completely hooked. With each new batch I learnt something new and as time went by, my beers became more and more acceptable.

I can’t quite recall the exact moment I thought of moving my home recipes to a heavy-duty equipment of a big brewery, which happened to have some spare production capacities. What I do remember is meeting up with the Browar in Wojkowka and having my beer fermenting in their tanks shortly thereafter. The start hadn’t been easy and the first brews left a lot to be desired, but again, we worked on improving them — slowly but surely. And then I went to another brewery, and then another one… and another one.

So it began with just one person but now, Trzech Kumpli is a group of friends: Irmina, Tymek, Maciek, Adam. All from one town, Tarnow, all primary school friends.

What drives usWhat drives us

Our main goal is to brew world-class quality beers. We don’t rush, we don’t take shortcuts, we pay attention to the smallest details. We want our beers to be flawless. Every day of brewing brings new discoveries and new lessons which we incorporate into next batches.

We’re extremely demanding when sourcing malt, hops and yeast, and we’re particularly obsessed about using freshest and best quality hops. It is their amazing aroma that is at the base of majority of Trzech Kumpli beers. And American hops are our ultimate love.

We cooperate with PolishHops farm based in Karczmiska Pierwsze, producers of Polish, British and American hops — all extremely fresh and delicious. When it comes to yeast, we get it from the first Polish lab which specialises in propagating these little creatures –Fermentum Mobile. It is thanks to them that we achieve the complexity and depth of our Belgian-style and Saison beers. Working with like-minded craftsmen and women brings a lot of joy.

Last but not least, it is our belief that the looks are almost as important as the taste. That is why we pay special attention to the graphic design of our bottles. Just like our beers, the labels are created in a “slow” fashion. We believe it’s worth it.

What’s nextWhat’s next

We want to fine tune our current beers – and develop new, even better recipes. There’s no shortage of ideas: from “everyday” drinks, to stronger ones, up to barrel-aged beers. We’d like to cooperate with other breweries, finding great partners in Poland and abroad. Our aim is to showcase our beer at festivals and to enter European and perhaps even American markets.

But most of all, we’d love to build our very own brewery, most likely in Tarnow – our hometown. This would not only serve us as a place to produce excellent beers, but also as a way of engaging local community. This a long-term plan, a vision, which will take some years to be developed and brought to life. We’re in no hurry.

Long story short- it all boils down to our motto:
We brew what we like

Piotrek Sosin
Master Brewer, Owner, Founder
Trzech Kumpli – Brewery