we brew what we like


We are a craft brewery from Tarnów, Poland.

Craft beer caught our attention eleven years ago, during a UK trip. It was the first time we experienced the amazing flavours hidden in those bottles. We were hooked, and the process of creating and brewing craft beers seemed incredibly mysterious and enticing at the time.

Some years later, we summoned up the courage to try brewing Polish craft beer on our own. The three of us started out small, in our kitchen, and the first batches were indeed far from perfect. Still, those batches gave us the impulse we needed to improve and create a craft brewery Trzech Kumpli.

We’ve been active on the craft beer scene, in Poland and beyond, since 2014. Our beers are made slowly and deliberately, with an eye for detail, and time needed for the yeast to work. We pay an enormous amount of attention to sourcing of our ingredients, to each brewing stage but also to storing and distribution of our beers. We want our final product that reaches you to be craft beer of the best quality.

Brewing is a constant development and searching for us. It is our ambition to be a craft brewery with beers able to proudly represent best Polish craft beer around the world.
To put is simply, we make beers we would like to drink ourselves. That’s our motto:

We brew what we like, we like what we brew.